Security Lighting

completed security lighting installation

Shine The Light on Intruders

Making sure your home or commercial facility is well-lit is one of the best ways to scare away intruders from your property. However, you also have to make sure the installation is in the right areas, where they cover the entirety of your property. If you randomly install your security lighting, you might make it easier for the intruders to access your property. It is for this reason why you need a reliable residential and commercial electrician for security lighting. For the people in Weatherford / Aledo, TX and the surrounding areas, the company you want for your security lighting project is CLP Electric LLC. We have experienced professionals who will not only make sure to install the right lights for your property but also install them in the right areas making sure to cover every part of your property. To schedule an appointment with our technicians for your security lighting project in Weatherford / Aledo, TX, ring us today at (817) 313-1684.

Our Security Lighting Services

The main reason behind the installation of security lighting is preventing intruders from accessing your property. Whether it landscape lighting or exterior commercial lighting, we will make sure the lights scare away individuals with bad intentions. We will study your property to find out which areas need the lighting the most, to make sure we do away with intruders. Intruders like to take cover in the bushes or shrubs near your property before they try and access it. To make sure they never succeed, we will target such areas when installing your security lighting.

One reliable option we use on most properties is to install security lighting with both motion sensors and photocells. The photocells are essential in saving power as they only make sure the light comes on when it’s dark, while on the other hand, the motion sensors make sure the lighting comes alive only if it senses movement in the area. However, sometimes you can face problems with the motion sensors with the light coming on uncontrollably. In such a case, there are improvements in the technology that makes sure the light only comes on when it detects human movement. For more information regarding our security lighting services in Weatherford / Aledo, TX call us today at (817) 313-1684.