Electrical Services

A Technician Tests Voltage.

Expert Electrical Services

Have you been experiencing power surges? Are circuits getting tripped repeatedly? Any sort of problem with your electrical system can lead to hazards ranging from overloading and damaging appliances to electric shocks to fires. Whenever you need electrical services in Weatherford / Aledo, TX, you want skilled technicians on the job. You’ll find those technicians at CLP Electric LLC. We are a family-run electrical services company for both residential and commercial customers. Anytime you need your electrical system repaired, reach out to our team by calling (817) 313-1684.

Our Service Offerings in Weatherford / Aledo, TX

From testing circuit breakers to installing new electrical systems, for complete electrical services in Weatherford / Aledo, TX, you can always count on the trusted local professionals at CLP Electric LLC. Our goal is to ensure you have a safe and effective electric system that meets your demands, whether for your home or business. We have experienced technicians offering a wide range of services that include:

  • Grounding: If you have a fault in your wiring, you want to establish alternate pathways to get the current to flow to the ground. Well-grounded wiring is essential to prevent power surges and other electrical hazards.
  • Circuit Installation: Older electrical systems may not be able to handle all your new hi-tech gadgets and appliances and this could lead to trouble. Power surges and overloaded circuits could fry your appliances or lead to worse problems like fires. With new circuitry installed, you can avoid these serious problems and keep up with all the electrical demands required by your appliances.
  • Breaker Troubleshooting: Circuit breakers are more than an on/off switch used to restore power when a circuit is tripped. They’re actually safety devices that prevent your wiring from overheating and overloading and leading to hazards like fires or harm to you and your family. When you start having electrical problems, they may be caused by a faulty circuit breaker. We can test and troubleshoot your breakers and quickly diagnose the problem and find the right repair solution.

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From repairing overloaded circuits to keeping your electrical system well-grounded, when you need expert electrical services in Weatherford / Aledo, TX, and the surrounding communities, you’ll always receive exceptional service from the team at CLP Electric LLC. We offer a full range of services including 24/7 emergency care. Book a service call today by dialing (817) 313-1684.